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TIAT Awards

January belonged to Chris Wood, the goal-scoring phenom from NZ

It wasn’t even close. The Big Kiwi dominated the month of January and dominated both the staff and reader polls to take home both awards.

December belonged to Luke Ayling, the dual-threat dual-POTM

The defender seems to be able to do anything at the moment, including win both long-delayed December Player of the Month awards here at Through It All Together.

Luke Ayling wins the Reader’s Choice POTM vote in November

Our staff chose Charlie Taylor this month, but Luke wins our reader poll in convincing fashion, and it’s well-deserved.

The November Reader’s Choice Player of the Month Vote

Our readers pick their November winner from four choices: Ayling, Phillips, Taylor, and Wood.

November belonged to our POTM, Charlie Taylor

Several good performances again this month, and another split vote in the TIAT office, but this time, our Premier League calibre left back prevails.

October belonged to our POTM, Kyle Bartley

It was the closest POTM vote yet, but while Chris Wood won the popular vote, Kyle Bartley won in our version of the Electoral College.

Chris Wood wins the Reader’s Choice POTM vote in October

He was challenged by Captain Bartley, but after three more goals in the season’s third month, Wood has finally won your hearts.

The October Reader’s Choice Player of the Month Vote

Our readers pick their October winner from four nominees: Ayling, Bartley, Silvestri, and Wood.

September belonged to our TIAT POTM: Pontus Jansson

He tackles, he defends, he heads clear: Pontus Jansson wins our second Player of the Month award in 2016/17, edging out three other worthy contenders.

Pontus Jansson Wins your Hearts and the September Reader’s Choice POTM

Probably by the largest margin we’ll ever see in this poll, Pontus Jansson has the best debut month we could’ve hoped for.

The September Reader’s Choice Player of the Month Vote

Our readers pick their September winner from four choices: Bartley, Jansson, O’Kane, and Wood.

August belonged to Marcus Antonsson

The winner of both the Staff Choice and People’s Choice Player of the Month Awards, Antonsson stood out from the rest.

The August Reader’s Choice Player of the Month Vote

Our readers pick their August winner from four choices: Antonsson, Ayling, Sacko, and Wood. Who’s your choice?

The TIAT Player of the Month for August

It wasn’t the best month by anyone’s standards... but if you had to choose a player of the month for August, who would you pick? Our staff took a stab at it.