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Weekly Wednesdays

Weekly Wednesdays: Who do you add in January?

Eight of our staff writers tell us what position they'd strengthen and a player that might fit the bill for Garry Monk's Whites in the January Transfer Window.

Weekly Wednesdays: Who gets the captaincy now?

Didn't we just talk about this a month ago? Sol Bamba's out and someone else needs to step up and take the armband for Monk's United.

Weekly Wednesday: We Read The Future (Headlines)

Five of us travel ahead in time to the summer of 2017 and read the paper for you. You're welcome.

Weekly Fridays? Roundtable Part 2: Who goes up?

We had four staff members make predictions Wednesday, our other three chime in today. That's 100% participation folks. Do these writers think Leeds is going up?

Weekly Wednesdays: Who goes up?

Newcastle, Aston Villa, and Norwich City all came down in 2016, will Leeds be able to push past them and go up in 2017?

Weekly Wednesdays: I'm The Captain Now

A lot of new faces at Elland Road this season; will one of the new guys be wearing the armband on August 7th?

Weekly Wednesdays: The New Kids on the Block

Some might not be kids exactly (looking at you, Rob), but Leeds is full of new players, and we pick our favorites.

Weekly Wednesdays: Euro's Got Talent

Forget about England, will you? There have been some great individual performances so far at Euro 2016, and our staff members pick their favorites.

Weekly Wednesdays: You Get One Guy

Leeds isn't a fantasy football team, but if you could change the roster before 2016/17, what's your first step?

Weekly Wednesday: International Football = Awesome

We continue the weekly roundtable this week by going abroad, taking a look at our favorite moments of international football.

Weekly Wednesday: We Can't Wait for 2016/17

We continue the weekly roundtable this week by looking at the upcoming 2016/17 fixture list. Can. Not. Wait.

Weekly Wednesday: One Change on the Pitch

We continue the weekly roundtable a day after changes hit Elland Road with... more changes.

Weekly Wednesday: Who Was Your Favorite Manager?

We continue the weekly roundtable with an all-too-timely question for our tumultuous Elland Road.

Weekly Wednesday: What was your 2015/16 lowlight?

We'll continue the weekly roundtable with a more depressing question this week: What was your lowlight of the 2015/16 season?

Weekly Wednesday: What was your 2015/16 highlight?

A new series starts today at TIAT. This week's question: What was your highlight of the 2015/16 season?