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The November Reader’s Choice Player of the Month Vote

Our readers pick their November winner from four choices: Ayling, Phillips, Taylor, and Wood.

Leeds need to be bold: Sell Charlie Taylor

Speculation around the possible sale of Charlie Taylor has been relentless since the beginning of the season and I wonder, would his departure actually be better for Leeds long term?

Leeds, Massimo, and Another Potential Goodbye

With things on the field moving forward, maybe we will finally see the club moving forward off the field as well.

The October Reader’s Choice Player of the Month Vote

Our readers pick their October winner from four nominees: Ayling, Bartley, Silvestri, and Wood.

Let's Make Leeds “United” Again

Development, investment, and construction around Elland Road could only help connect our great city to our great club.

Leeds Player Power Rankings at the October Break    

Which Leeds United players are in the best form, and which are not? Spoiler alert... the defensive unit rates very highly!

Leeds United and the Bartsson Cornerstones

With only four goals allowed in the last seven matches, a new supercouple leads the way on the Leeds United back line.

The September Reader’s Choice Player of the Month Vote

Our readers pick their September winner from four choices: Bartley, Jansson, O’Kane, and Wood.

The August Reader’s Choice Player of the Month Vote

Our readers pick their August winner from four choices: Antonsson, Ayling, Sacko, and Wood. Who’s your choice?

The 2016 Leeds United March Madness Title Bout

It always had to be Don Revie and Elland Road. Now... who will win?

The 2016 Leeds United March Madness Final Four

Three one seeds and a two seed, these are your bracket champs. Now, which is the most "Leeds" of them all??

Leeds March Madness continues with The Elite Eight

One and Two seeds across the board... except for a crazy cinderella 11-seed making a run for history. Will Lucas Radebe take down his biggest challenge yet?

Leeds March Madness continues with The Sweet 16

We're getting down to the real champs now, but some big upset stories are still alive in final 16 of Leeds United March Madness.

Leeds March Madness continues with the Round of 32

Some BIG upsets marked the opening round, who will continue on to the Sweet 16? (Seriously, who wants to think about the real game this weekend?)

Featured Fanshot

Yahoo throws shade at Leeds United

We get it, we're sometimes a mess. Thanks to Scott Saunders at Yahoo, Leeds United made it into a subtitle in a story about a team in the Danish Superliga. Brøndby IF manager Thomas Frank resigned yesterday, and we're reminded once again we're not the only soap opera in European football. Thanks a lot for that, Scott.

Featured Fanshot

Bolton blog denounces Cellino and Ticket Prices

We're not the only ones upset right now: Bolton fans wanting to travel to the game on Saturday aren't thrilled at the ticket prices at Elland Road. SB Nation blog Lion of Vienna Suite wrote a little expose on the outrage, and it's worth a read. Check it out at the link above.

Featured Fanshot

Steve Evans begs for your support

This was a really interesting read from Leeds United manager Steve Evans. Full of good quotes (that might go on a protest ad someday), the article from the Yorkshire Evening Post shows a manager desperate for fan support. I think he should have it, but many of you don't. What do you think? Let us know in the comments. "But I’m saying, if I get supported, I will put on the pitch a squad of men that will challenge for the Premier League."

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Another Fan's Counterpoint Against Cellino

On Tuesday afternoon, we posted a fan's defense of Massimo Cellino. His argument: GFH was to blame for LUFC's problems. Today, we post an impassioned response to that defense. Which side do you think has it right?

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A Fan's Quick Defense of Massimo Cellino

A fan comes to Cellino's defense on Facebook, thinks we should be upset with someone else far more. What do you think?

Featured Fanshot

Manchester United or Crap?

We posted a poll on Twitter, who would you rather see Leeds pull in today's FA Cup Fourth Round Proper Draw? Thus far, the results clearly show Leeds fans would pick Manchester United... or crap. I lean towards crap, as I'd like to start knocking off EPL teams in round five, but I can understand the desire to beat Manchester United early to get them out of the way. Who did you pick? Comment below.

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If There's One Team Our Followers' Despise...

We ran a quick poll out of curiosity last night during Leicester's dismantling of Chelsea: which team do our Twitter followers hate the most? We gave the three traditional rivalry options, and while we had a few write-ins as well, one came out the clear "least favorite." We'll let you guess who... but here's a hint: they lost to Bournemouth last weekend. Favorite write-in answers: Cellino, Norwich, and from a cheeky South Londoner... Who do our followers hate the most? "Themselves." Through it all, #MOT.

January Transfer Window: Youth is Key for Leeds

Will Godley takes a look at what is best for Leeds in the upcoming January transfer window.

Ross McCormack - Back on Message?

Hero or Zero? Ross McCormack has polarised opinions in the early part of the season. Have his four goals at Charlton proved he can be the leader of the team?

Where The Hell Did That Come From

If this is Brian McDermott under pressure then heap it on. The Leeds boss revamped his side on Sunday to bring an end to recent pessimism. Couple that with the emergence of Andros Townsend as England's newest superstar and it's been a strange week!

Reality Check Gives No Cause for Concern

Defeat at home, a half full stadium and no incoming transfers. 12 months ago it would have been doom and gloom, but now Leeds fans' shouldn't feel too downhearted. Things are looking up.

Will He Stay or Will He Go - Fans and Board Clash

Another Transfer Window and another big name at Elland Road could be moving out of the door. Do Leeds need to move on Ross McCormack to improve the squad, or to improve their balance sheet?

Clarkyboy's Comments - Transfer Priorities

Leeds manager Brian McDermott has been chasing his fourth signing of the summer for a long time. With the season now underway, Stephen Clark gives his assesment of where the money, if there is any, should be spent.

Leeds United - Falling In Love Again?

Things have been bleak at Leeds United for too long, but a summer which has seen the removal of some of the most hated figures in the clubs history may well be the spark that reignites the supporters passion for the club.

We're Leeds United, We're Passing The Ball

A 1-0 win over Burnley was a great result but it was the performance that was the most encouraging thing on the night. Hoofball seems to be a thing of the past and that is thanks to just one man - Brian McDermott

The First Step on the Road Back - Welcome to Brian

After stumbling through a season of interminable misery, have Leeds United taken the first steps back to normality with the appointment of Brian McDermott?

Can Leeds United Stave Off Relegation?

Leeds United have been sucked into the relegation battle in the Championship. Through It All Togehter looks back at where it all went so wrong this season and asks can Leeds United stave off relegation?

Were They Fit To Wear The Shirt? Another Set of Ds

Take your mind of the stresses of worrying who will be the next Leeds United manager and focus on the important things. Which of this collection of D's deserves to join our Hall of Shame of the worst players to wear the shirt in the last 25 years.