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Acceptance, Managed Expectations, and Success in 2017

Garry Monk and the team deserve the utmost credit, but the entire mindset around the club has seen Leeds achieve something we didn’t expect in August.  

December belonged to Luke Ayling, the dual-threat dual-POTM

The defender seems to be able to do anything at the moment, including win both long-delayed December Player of the Month awards here at Through It All Together.

Monk is the Messiah, and these are the Chosen Ones

Sometimes, when you love something so much, you have to write about it. Sean Ryan explains why this club is special and why these players are going up in 2017.

Leeds FA Cup Review: Did the fringe players do enough?

A much-changed starting XI started against Cambridge in the FA Cup on Monday night, and out of six fringe players given the chance, did any give Garry Monk a conundrum in terms of his selection ahead of the Derby game?

Big things to come with Radrizzani at Elland Road

Andrea Radrizzani’s takeover has heralded in a renewed sense of optimism at Elland Road this week, but it’s his long-term impact that matters.

Andrea Radrizzani joins the fun at Elland Road

Finally, after months of speculation, it happened: Andrea Radrizzani bought 50% of the club from Massimo Cellino, and it couldn’t come at a better time. 

2016 was f*%#ing special, and 2017 should be even better

Excuse the censored profanity, but 2016 was f*%#ing awesome for Leeds United and all of us here at Through It All Together.

The Leeds United December Review

December was yet another successful month for Leeds United. Does it signal the onset of more success in 2017?

Boxing Day was more than a win, it was a revelation

There’s a match against Aston Villa tomorrow, but let’s hold on to the feeling from Monday at Preston, because that match was very, very important.

Rumour Time: Fletcher, Delph, Clough, and so many more

The transfer rumour mill is in full swing, but which personnel will emerge and take their places alongside the current crop of our promotion-chasing squad?

Kyle Bartley is United’s most important player

The loanee captain has been central to everything good happening at Elland Road this season. It’s time to sign him up.

Leeds Transfer Possibilities, a Video Review

When someone puts together a video of Leeds transfer targets, we get it out there. Eight possible, one impossible target for Leeds in January, in video form.

Leeds Transfer Exits: Close the Door on Five Players

We all want to talk about incoming transfers, but who will be leaving Elland Road come January?

Souleymane Doukara: A striker reborn

Despite his quiet day Saturday, Souleymane Doukara has returned from the Leeds United wilderness to play and become a major factor in our promotion chasing season. 

“Hope” has returned to Elland Road

For 13 years, Leeds have been devoid of hope, but the feeling has returned to Elland Road at precisely the right time.

A Month-by-Month Roadmap to LUFC Promotion in 2017

This season has been a smashing success, but the Championship is a hard, long slog, and if Leeds are to sustain a playoff chase, the form so far will have to be replicated again, and again, and again.

Chris Wood, United’s dominant goal-scorer or... something else?

Wood has already matched his scoring output from last season. He’s definitely important to United’s success, but is he improved, overrated or basically the same as last year?

Three Potential MOTM's for Friday at Brighton

As we go hunting some second-place Seagulls, here are three players who might rise to the occasion for Leeds.

Luke Ayling wins the Reader’s Choice POTM vote in November

Our staff chose Charlie Taylor this month, but Luke wins our reader poll in convincing fashion, and it’s well-deserved.

Leeds Transfer Targets: Part 2, The Defence

It’s part two of our series, “Who do we need to sign in January to ensure a top-six finish?” In this one, we focus on possible defensive support for Bartsson and company.

Leeds for sale: Radrizzani confirms talks with Cellino

Finally, a little clarity on the matter. All the latest from Andrea’s interview with the Straits Times, with a little TIAT opinion on top.

November belonged to our POTM, Charlie Taylor

Several good performances again this month, and another split vote in the TIAT office, but this time, our Premier League calibre left back prevails.

The Leeds United November Review

November saw meaningful football games return to Elland Road. Is this a sign of things to come?

EFL Cup run was just a glimpse of what Leeds can achieve

This season has, for the most part, been a success so far... and the EFL Cup run is a big reason why.

Leeds Transfer Targets: Part 1, the Attack

The transfer window is only a few weeks away, and if Leeds are going to compete with the Championship elite, we must strengthen our attack in January.

Leeds at Liverpool: A re-kindled relationship

There was a time when Leeds United and Liverpool both ruled English football. Can Tuesday signal a return to those glory days? Please?

Leeds at Liverpool: A past, present, and (hopefully) future fixture

We are now just hours away from our EFL Cup quarter-final tie against Liverpool at Anfield, and I cannot wait...

Leeds’ Lessons Learned after Loss to Newcastle: Smile.

After a highly-anticipated matchup against Newcastle resulted in a 2-0 loss last weekend, Leeds have more to be happy about than you think.

Leeds need to be bold: Sell Charlie Taylor

Speculation around the possible sale of Charlie Taylor has been relentless since the beginning of the season and I wonder, would his departure actually be better for Leeds long term?

Combine Monk & Grayson and We're Going Up

With the club having its best season since the Grayson era, Matt Robinson dreams of what a team composed of different era's strengths might look like. It's good.

Who is Andrea Radrizzani?

After being spotted again this weekend, Andrea Radrizzani is a name on every Leeds fan’s lips today. But who is this man who is the front runner to finally buy the club from Massimo Cellino?   

Three Potential MOTM's for Sunday vs. Newcastle

Ahead of an all-important matchup against Championship leaders Newcastle United, here are three players who might rise to the occasion for Leeds.