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49ers Enterprises aim for full Leeds United buyout by 2024

The 49ers just recently increased their stake to 44%, and they’re looking to fully take over soon.

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Paraag Marathe has been the main man between the 49ers and Leeds United. Could he be the man to take over?
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49ers Enterprises have had a decent level of input at Elland Road since buying their original stake in Leeds United back in 2017. Four-and-a-half years on, they now own 44% of the club and are looking to takeover by 2024.

The Athletic have revealed an offer is on the table for Andrea Radrizzani (Aser Ventures) to buy out the club for £400 million, including Elland Road in the deal, with the deal seemingly on its way to completion in the next couple of years.

Andrea Radrizzani is set to pocket major profit here, buying the club for £100m before selling it on for a value estimated at around six or seven times the original investment, though the exact figures paid for each stake by the 49ers is not known exactly.

Leeds’ Premier League campaign has been tough so far this season, leaving it late against Crystal Palace and Brentford to gain four points this week. Now, survival is an even higher-stakes game for all parties involved, as Radrizzani and the 49ers look to keep the deal in place and continue to push the club further.

American involvement in The Premier League has shown its pros and cons, as Liverpool’s success in recent years has shown, given their Premier League and European titles in recent years. On the other hand, controversial moves to split from The Premier League alongside the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal, who also have US owners, showed a lack of understanding of the spirit of the game.

Will the 49ers make the same mistake? Or will they learn from their American counterparts? Only time will tell.