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A view from the other side: Ryan Curtis from Spurs For Life

Ryan Curtis looks forward to tomorrow’s game, and how it makes him nostalgic for a previous iteration of Spurs.

Leeds United v Tottenham Hotspur - FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

This guest piece was sent in by Ryan Curtis of Spurs for Life.

An Argentinian manager idolised by the fans who hasn’t won much but plays attractive football.
The neutrals always want to tune in to watch you play, you’re capable of beating anyone but can easily have a run of bad results.
Believe me, as a Spurs fan, we have more in common than you might think.

Years of our biggest rivals winning trophies whilst we’re languishing (admittedly not quite as low as you!).
The Argentinian brought hope, that maybe one day former glories could be emulated.
For you promotion back to where you belong, for us, in a typical Spursy way, a semi-final victory!

But now our Argentinian has gone on to pastures new, instead we have a Portuguese, one who is almost the antithesis of our Argentinians… and we’re confused.

The neutrals now hate us and moan about the way we play and yet this guy is a proven winner and until recently had us sat on top of the table.
Even our fans are pining for the Argentinian, coincidentally remembering the better times rather the the worse… one even begged the question:
“Would you prefer to win the league playing boring defensive football and win the league or play ‘The Spurs way’ and finish above arsenal?”

The answers were mixed.

It’s no secret Mauricio Pochettino was a student of Marcelo Bielsa and you can see in their styles. We’d have previously had Son, Kane, Alli, Eriksen all action, full pace, attacking. Full backs flying forward and all energy, quick passing and risk taking.

Argentine’s coach Marcelo Bielsa (R) gives instruc
Marcelo Bielsa coaching Mauricio Pochettino in 2002.
Photo credit should read DANIEL GARCIA/AFP via Getty Images

From watching Leeds you can see the same, admittedly not quite with those level of players but maybe that will come? Bamford as his Kane, Harrison as his Son, Klich as his Eriksen and Rodrigo as the Alli.

Pundits love the new style and analyse it but as a fan we realise the stress it can sometimes put us through and realise it may have limitations?

Watching Leeds against Liverpool I loved the way you took them on and were unfortunate to lose by the odd goal, then against Manchester United you just got picked off time after time and you wondered whether some sort of pragmatism might work better?

But for those defeats you’ll have the big wins where you’re absolutely purring, it’s a lovely feeling, I remember it just about!

I never predict anything doing these rival fan pieces but I can’t help thinking despite our indifferent form, Leeds and Bielsa’s style is built for Mourinho’s soak it up and be clinical on the counter style. Still, there’s absolutely no way I’d predict a Leeds result this season.

The thrill of the rollercoaster is enticing but now us Spurs fans are sat with a blanket, some cocoa and a book.
Time will tell whether we get something out of that book or whether it’s just more fun to get back on the rollercoaster…

Even if it does make us sick a few times.