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Mighty Whites Podcast episode 80 now available. Predictions for the season and a preview of Liverpool

Leeds are back in the Premier League. Bielsa is staying. It’s a different world out there.

Episode 80 of our Leeds United podcast, the Mighty Whites Podcast, is now available.

This is the episode that likely to haunt us at the end of the season. We make our predictions for Leeds’ season, Promotion/Relegation from the EFL, Top Four/Relegation from the Premier League, and all the cup winners.

Due to some technical issues, the podcast may only be on SoundCloud for a couple of days. It can be downloaded directly from there.

The SoundCloud link is above, otherwise go to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify to download it and give it a listen. It is available through almost all podcast providers.

The podcast is also available to download directly from