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Leeds owner Radrizzani criticised for Genoa bid

Following on from The Whites’ promotion, Andrea Radrizzani has attempted to expand his football ownership with an attempt to buy Italian side, Genoa.

Leeds United v Brentford - Sky Bet Championship
Radrizzani has owned Leeds United since 2017, achieving the goal of promotion this year.
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani has been criticised in Italy for his attempt to purchase Serie A side Genoa.

The Italian club’s president Enrico Preziosi spoke out to Gazzeta dello Sport, accusing Radrizzani’s consortium of not making a proper approach.

“These are bar jokes, they are not serious offers. What does it mean to take on debt and then maybe invest later? This is not for the good of Genoa.”

“The offer was announced to me and the news was immediately made public, even before I could make an assessment. I invite these gentlemen to make their offer public, so people can get an idea. But I have the impression that they will not do it. I’m hard at work for the new season. And Genoa at this moment just needs serenity, not useless confusion.”

Radrizzani has owned Leeds United since 2017, and finally managed to achieve promotion to The Premier League this year, which has opened the Italian up to expanding his football club ownership, which is something that he has been open with.

Whether Radrizzani intends to follow up on these comments or the bid for Genoa, who are currently in a difficult position themselves, with Gazzeta dello Sport believing that this saga is not over just yet.