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San Francisco 49ers looking to increase ownership stake in Leeds United.

A report in the New York Times quotes 49ers executive and Leeds board member Paraag Marathe.

Beyond Innovation Summit - ESPN Leadership Dinner Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers are looking to increase their stake in Leeds United, according to a report by Tariq Panja in the New York Times.

The 49ers bought an 11% stake in the club in 2018, and the report says that they are in talks to increase that stake - quoting President of 49ers enterprises, and Leeds United board member, Paraag Marathe.

When asked about increasing their investment, Marathe said: “It is something that we are absolutely hoping to do”. The report also states that the 49ers are planning on being patient with their investment, they could sell for a large profit following Leeds’ promotion under Marcelo Bielsa but it would appear they want to continue the relationship with Marathe saying: “This is more about continuing the journey than it is about what the multiple on our investment is.”

Andrea Radrizzani has never been shy about saying he is fine with other investors coming on board so we could see some movement on this front. Marathe and the 49ers appear to want to be patient on the pitch as well - citing Sheffield United’s success as an example.

““You don’t want to just rush and go high — ‘Every player out now; we’re a Premier League club’ — and buy this and this and this player,” Marathe said. “Sometimes you want to build it organically and thoughtfully.”

The link between the 49ers and Leeds United has drawn nothing but praise from both sides, and Marathe and Radrizzani are said to be in very regular contact.

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