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Leeds United remove Crowdie of Osama Bin Laden ahead of Fulham match.

Many people will have tried to sneak something into the crowd, one got through but has now been removed.

Sport Coronavirus - Tuesday 31st March Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images

Leeds United have removed a ‘Crowdie’ of Osama Bin Laden and have said they will “ensure there are no more offensive images” at Elland Road.

The Crowdie was given as an option in lieu of a season ticket refund, and also could be bought for £25. Fans were encouraged to put in a picture of themselves or a loved one. Some people have uploaded pictures of Leeds United legends such as Norman Hunter.

There was always likely to be some people uploading pictures as a joke - whether the joke is funny or not is for you to decide - in Australia’s NRL there were images in the crowd of serial killer Harold Shipman. The club does have to be vigilant to try and prevent any more sneaking through, but it is possible that something else could.

Personally, as this is a picture specifically taken to release publicly and Bin Laden is front and centre of it - I am finding it hard to see how this happened. Unless the person who took the picture knew what they were doing, surely no-one would do that?