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Football “could” resume behind closed doors in England on June 1st - definitely not before.

In order for sport to resume, the country would need to get to Step Two of the government’s plan.

Elland Road - Leeds United Football Club Photo by Visionhaus

No professional sport will take place in the UK until at least June 1st - the government has announced.

The announcement comes in a document detailing a conditional plan for how England will start ease the current lockdown measures being used to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The most important thing is people’s safety. Anything else said in any article doesn’t change that.

The paragraph detailing Step Two of the plan, which is currently getting the focus in the sports world is; “permitting cultural and sporting events to take place behind closed-doors for broadcast, while avoiding the risk of large-scale social contact”.

It also states further on that opening stadiums to crowds “may only be fully possible significantly later depending on the reduction in numbers of infections”. Most arguments I have seen from people with relevant qualifications would lead me to believe we will not be able to go to Elland Road to watch football at any point in 2020.

From a Leeds United perspective, this means there is a theoretical way to finish the season on the pitch - but I still would expect League Two, League One, and the Championship to have the season finish without another game being played. Obviously I would argue for a form of Points Per Game to be used to decide the league, but that is for another time.

This does give a rough date (which could obviously be pushed back) for the Premier League clubs to discuss in their meeting regarding “Project Restart” which is taking place today. Although it is unlikely anything will be fully decided today.