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Marcelo Bielsa speaks! Check out a rare TV interview from the Leeds manager’s time in Mexico

Rare TV interview, in Spanish with English subtitles, gives good insight into how Bielsa thinks about football

Western Sydney v Leeds United - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

It’s well-documented that Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa doesn’t do TV interviews or any one-on-one interviews of any kind besides press conferences. Yeah, he’ll appear after the game on Sky TV sometimes, and it will be awkward, but that’s just how it is.

However, while he was in Mexico, first with Club Atlas and then with Club América, Bielsa did do media appearances. Club América, from Mexico City, is owned by a television company, and so part of being the manager for Las Águilas is doing TV interviews. Bielsa reportedly hated doing them so much he ended up refusing and was sacked afterwards.

Now, YouTube user Juani Jimena has uploaded one of the few TV interviews that Bielsa gave while in Mexico to YouTube, complete with English subtitles, so that Leeds fans can get some insight into how the man thinks, or at least how he did back from his days in Mexico.