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The reports of Timothy Weah being lined up to go on loan at Leeds seem a bit premature

Qatar investment or takeover hasn’t even happened yet

Celtic v Hibernian - Scottish Ladbrokes Premiership Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Well, it appears that silly season is taking some extra silly turns this season. Now that the rumours of Qatar Sports Investment potentially buying and/or investing in Leeds United have surfaced, the names of players being linked with Leeds have increased in both number and unlikeliness.

The latest name to be floated is United States international Timothy Weah. The son of George Weah transferred from New York Red Bulls to PSG as a youth player, and he’s supposedly on the fast track to stardom. He even spent half a year on loan at Celtic, so he’s already used to the UK, so this will all work out, right?

Weah’s got talent, as he showed earlier this week against France in the U20 World Cup. But is he a reasonable target for Leeds?

There is still no guarantee that the PSG owners will actually purchase any part of Leeds United. Sure, there are rumours, and some of them might actually be credible, but this is Leeds and nothing is ever easy or ever as simple as it seems.

Also. Weah is a up and coming player, and while he spent a productive loan spell at Celtic, there is no guarantee that he will go out on loan anywhere this season. And even if he is loaned out, why would PSG choose Leeds? Bielsa doesn’t have any sort of relationship with anyone at PSG, and there will plenty of teams from Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, or La Liga looking to take Weah on loan if they could.

While it might be good for PSG to make their investment in Leeds grow, it’s not as if they really need the money that an increase in value that a Leeds promotion would bring. Weah playing closer to Paris might be more important than the fate of Leeds.

Before Leeds fans start peering over the PSG roster for any potential loanees, wait until any deal is official, and what kind of plans that QSI has for Leeds. It’s gonna be a long summer.