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Oh for crying out loud: No, Francesco Totti is not coming out of retirement to play for Leeds

The rumours keep getting stupider

‘Oscar Del Calcio AIC’ Italian Football Awards Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Well, if the Gianluigi Buffon rumours weren’t already absurd enough, now a new “rumour” has popped up in the Italian press. Leeds United are supposedly going to get AS Roma legend Francesco Totti to come out of retirement to play under Marcelo Bielsa at Leeds. Yeah, no. That’s not going too happen. It’s crazy talk.

It is almost certainly correct to assume that people who run the Italian click-bait sites saw the huge amount of traffic that the “link” between Buffon and Leeds created and figured that they’d get in on the action, linking another former star to Leeds and Bielsa.

Totti is retired and has been retired for two years. He did reveal that he didn’t want to stop playing, but he accepted it and hasn’t tried to make a comeback, although he really could have signed somewhere else two summers ago and no one would have blinked.

Also, Totti is Roma. He literally played for Roma for his entire career, turning down lucrative moves to go elsewhere to stay with the Giallorossi. While he did seem to burn his bridges with the current owners of Roma at a press conference the other day, that doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t love the club and Rome. He’s not coming out of retirement for anyone, much less to go to Leeds in the English second division.

Please try not to pay attention to these rumours, they’re dumb and written by people who think that Leeds fans are dumb and will click on anything that says “Leeds” in the title.