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Morning Leeds-in for 18 June: The Carabao Cup has fans all lost in the supermarket

Plus links for the day

Leading UK Supermarkets Compete For Their Share Of The Market In The Run Up To Christmas Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Hey remember when the Carabao Cup draw was held overseas at some stupid time and the feed failed? Those were the good ole days.

The draw will be made on Thursday from a Morrison’s supermarket because that’s how the EFL and the FA roll in the year of our lord 2019.

Seriously, a supermarket.

On to the links.

Leeds United Links

York City and Guiseley will host preseason matches against Leeds. [Through It All Together]

Yosuke Ideguchi’s time at Leeds appears to be over as the midfielder appears to be on his way back to Japan. [Through It All Together]

England and English Football Links

Arsenal appear to be closing in on William Saliba from St Etienne in France. [The Short Fuse]

World Football Links

France beat Nigeria in the Women’s World Cup after a really, really dodgy decision on a missed penalty lead to a retake. []

Norway beat South Korea in the WWC, eliminating South Korea. []

Atalanta have reportedly landed a deal for Sevilla’s Luis Muriel, who spent half of last year on loan at Fiorentina. []

Francesco Totti left AS Roma in a press conference where he took out all the dirty laundry, threw it onto a bridge and burnt it to the ground. [Chiesa di Totti]

Maurizio Sarri has some work to do at Juventus. [Black & White & Read All Over]

Jordan Vertout’s agent visited AC Milan, is a deal in the works? [AC Milan Offside]