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Leeds announce Season Ticket Price Freeze and limit on number of Season Tickets available.

Existing season ticket holders will be able to renew for the same price.

Leeds United v Swansea City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

Leeds United today announced that the price of season ticket renewals will be frozen, regardless of which division Leeds are in next season.

It is the eighth consecutive season where the price of a ticket renewal has remained the same and the renewal period will last from Tuesday 19th February until Friday 29th March. On top of the price freeze, people who renew will also receive a complimentary gift pack as part of the club’s centenary celebrations.

The price per match of each ticket could still increase as if Marcelo Bielsa’s side get promoted they will only have 19 home games next season instead of 23.

The price freeze was met with universal approval. However, there was other news released regarding tickets that some were less pleased with. The club is limiting the number of season tickets available to around the 22,500 mark, which is about how many there currently are.

Leeds United Chief Executive Angus Kinnear told the club’s website: “We currently have in excess of 22,500 Season Ticket Holders and our aim will be to retain as many of these as possible which would mean, should we be promoted, we will not be selling any additional Season Tickets to supporters – which is a huge step forward for Leeds United.”

This news means that people who wanted to buy a season ticket for next season, but don’t currently have one, will not be able to buy one if Leeds are promoted. Which has left many fans disappointed.

Capping the number of season tickets is commonplace in the Premier League, and allows the club to make more money on tickets as individual match tickets cost considerably more than season tickets. It also makes it easier for people who can only make it to the occasional game to get hold of tickets. If Leeds get promoted this could be a tricky task, it already is based on the last few matches.

The club have also announced a new tier of pricing for people aged 16-18, which should be a good bridge between the child and adult prices as people as just starting out in work and often can’t spare as much money at that age. It has not yet been confirmed how much of a discount these tickets will have.