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Marcelo Bielsa has his say on the Bamford v Nketiah debate.

The comments closed his press conference this afternoon.

Preston North End v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Alex Dodd - CameraSport via Getty Images

Marcelo Bielsa has said the Patrick Bamford will play at Hillsborough against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday.

On his way out of the room it was confirmed by Leeds United reporters Graham Smyth and Phil Hay that Bielsa said: “Bamford will play.”

Before that, in his press conference he gave his reasoning for his continued selection of Bamford over Eddie Nketiah.

“Nketiah is very good at scoring, also Bamford but Bamford is missing chances. There’s a fact about what happens before you score a goal. You build a situation that allows the chance.

“What I’m looking to achieve is that Eddie feels the needs of the team. If he doesn’t put the metres in for both things he’s going to have less chances to score.”

Bielsa was very careful to say it is “natural” for players to work in different ways and was complimentary about Nketiah’s “very good” finishing. However, it appears Nketiah’s work chasing back, and dropping off the front isn’t up the level that Bielsa requires.

Although he made sure to explain that is nothing to with Nketiah’s overall work-rate. He asked the journalist who brought it up “who do you think runs the most?” to which the journalist replied “Bamford”. Bielsa then smirked and said: “No, Nketiah.”

There is no doubt that Bamford works hard and that is why the fanbase has stuck by him despite his recent run of awful finishing. However, I am not sure these quotes from Marcelo Bielsa will satiate the people that think Nketiah needs to start.

In the press conference Bielsa stated Leeds “need seven chances to score”, which is the “worst [efficiency] in the division”. On it’s own this is an excellent argument in favour of Nketiah. Although again, Bielsa was very specific that the lack of efficiency is not all on the centre-forward.

His is the only opinion that is going to make a difference but that doesn’t mean the fans cannot have their opinion. Currently, in my opinion Leeds need to start Eddie Nketiah - I would be willing to lose some work rate and link-up play for a more clinical striker. If it isn’t working, Bamford can always be brought off the bench. However, Bielsa certainly knows a lot more than me.

What is your opinion on the Bamford v Nketiah debate? Are you in the “play both” camp? Let us know in the comments below or @thruitallLUFC on twitter.