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Leeds fans amazed at £150 price tag for centenary shirt.

The price is, well, it’s completely ridiculous.

The new centenary kit on display.
Andrew Dalton (@lufcstats)

The design of Leeds United’s centenary kit may have got a mixed review, but the price has managed to completely unite the fanbase. Just not in the way the club would have hoped.

The club will be charging a gargantuan £150 for the shirt, making only 1919 and selling them numbered as such as collectibles. The shirt is only being made in one size, a large. Anyone who has bought a Leeds shirt made by Kappa will attest to the sizing of the shirts are generally a size smaller than it says.

It will be sold in a presentation box with the book - An Official History of Leeds United by Andrew Dalton (@lufcstats) - and while the book is sure to be very good, the price is still very high.

As it is a collectible and there aren’t that many, the shirt will probably still sell-out. However, it is another occasion where Andrea Radrizzani hasn’t exactly done his best in terms of PR to ingratiate himself to the fanbase.

Leeds are also releasing a special edition programme for the game priced at £100, but this is in addition to normal one. Hopefully, Leeds will see sense and also sell a standard version of this kit at a much more reasonable price.

Will you be making the purchase? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @ThruitallLUFC.