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Leeds have a new badge, but it’s not what you think

Oh goodie, we’re doing this again

Leeds United v Huddersfield Town - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Ryan Browne/Getty Images

So did anyone else get nervous when they saw the tweets and the stories about a new badge at Leeds United?

The badge appears on some of the merchandise in the club shop, leading many to speculate that it was indeed the infamous “new badge” that the club would be rolling out for the centenary year starting next season.

However, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post the badge is simply a “leisurewear badge” and will not be the club’s main crest, although the Square Ball noted that the current badge was trotted out on materials before it officially became the new badge. It’s also worth noting that given the unpopularity of the “rebrand” last season, with petitions started on the internet and even a local MP getting involved, the club might be hedging their bets and will be floating out trial balloons to see what is liked the best, or at least hated the least.

Anyway, perhaps a few days or weeks will pass until the next controversy at Leeds.