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Marcelo Bielsa: ‘I don’t need to go to watch a training session... to know how the opponent plays’

Marcelo Bielsa called an emergency press conference today and here is what he said

Aston Villa v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship
Bielsa has done an incredible job at Elland Road so far.
Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa called an emergency press conference this afternoon, scheduled in at 5 pm. Panic instantly ensued, with many quickly speculating a resignation, but there was almost no doubt that we were going to hear more about ‘SpyGate’.

Bielsa has instead decided to try and shed some light on his end of the table. Bielsa came out with a PowerPoint presentation ready, geared up with hours upon hours of analysis. He spoke about the incident, again admitting it and emphasising that this incident is down to his responsibility and his solely. His main aim of the conference is “that I’m going to make it easier for the investigation.”

Following his statements, he submerged the journalists present in a “coaching masterclass,” as described by the BBC’s Adam Pope. The depth of the information shown was staggering, with examples down to a player’s minutes-played per position that they have played in this season. Bielsa and his staff analysed every game that every team in the Championship played last season before the season and they also have analysed every single match from this season.

Bielsa said that it takes his staff four hours to fully analyse a game, and that they break it down into a 41 minute video that the staff then turns around and breaks into into seven to eight minute sections on how an opponent attacks and how they defend for the players, so that they can get the information in a video that last about 15 minutes.

The press conference went on for well more than an hour, concluding with: “it is hard to analyse [Stoke City], as they’ve only played a few games with a new head coach. We analysed the 26 games that he played with Luton, and we also analysed the tactical scenarios he used.” With Bielsa showing great class in his honesty, work ethic and footballing genius, Leeds fans can only love him even more.