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FA will now reportedly investigate ‘spygate’ between Derby and Leeds

Reports say that Derby has taken the matter to the FA

Filipino Forest Rangers Watch Over The Endangered Tamaras At Mindoro Island Photo by Jes Aznar/Getty Images

The unfolding story of the Leeds United “spy” outside of the training ground of Derby County has taken another turn, as it’s now being reported that Derby has requested that the FA investigate the matter.

The Mirror is reporting that the England FA is set to get involved in the dispute over the claims by Derby County that a “spy” from Leeds was caught outside the club’s training ground. While it’s been reported that the man had a wire cutters and a change of clothes, the man was released by Derbyshire Police, as it appeared he had broken no laws.

Marcelo Bielsa has reportedly used “spies” before during his time in Argentina and while at the helm of the Chile national team, but wasn’t accused of anything during his time in Spain or France.

Either the FA or the Football League could issue punishments to Leeds for the “breach” of rules, but it’s unclear what kind of penalty the club could face. Clubs have previously been punished for a breach in the “good faith” clause. In 2014, Crystal Palace was fined up to £25,000 for reportedly obtaining a lineup from Cardiff City before it was officially announced the match the previous season.

As with most things related to the FA, whatever ruling comes of this incident is sure to take a good deal of time to resolve. The FA has been slow to respond to accusations of racism, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment, and those would be far more important things to investigate, right?