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Morning Leeds-in for 28 September: Bielsa wants sleeping quarters installed at Thorp Arch

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UEFA Europa League Final - Athletic Bilbao Training Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

One of the things that Marcelo Bielsa is famous for having at his clubs, at least at Lille anyway, looks to be coming to Leeds.

The former Argentina manager convinced the club to install sleeping quarters for all the players at Thorp Arch, saying:

I don’t want people to think I impose my point of view to the club because that’s not the case. I make suggestions and then the club decides if it wants to invest in the infrastructures or not. When I arrived to the club the players were receiving a very good service. I proposed some small changes.

The club is willing to give additional facilities to the players. When you are a professional footballer you need to rest and you need to be together with your teammates. This belongs to the profession.

For regular citizens, when you rest, when you live together, when you have activities together it’s not a necessity, it’s not an obligation. But in professional football it’s an obligation. The club has to take into account the fact that players spend a lot of time here.

It was pointed out that many Premier League clubs do the same exact thing, so it’s not as bonkers as it sounds. And he’s right that spending time together, like eating together, builds a team. Will it make a difference on the pitch? It certainly has so far, but will it continue?

On to the links.

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