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The Mighty Whites Podcast Episode 27 is now available

The best Leeds United podcast is back to preview & predict the season for Leeds and the whole Football League & Premier League

The Mighty Whites Podcast is back for another season covering Leeds United. This is the second episode for the 2018-19 season, and the predictions have been made about how Leeds will do this season as well as promotion/relegation for the Football League and Premier League, with the Champions League and Europa League winners thrown in for good measure.

Episode 27 is our season preview. Listen to KC and Jack make some predictions that will doubtless make them look very stupid in May. Then preview the first three matches of the season, against Stoke City, Derby County, and Bolton Wanderers in the League Cup, which could make them look very stupid even sooner.

The sound cloud link is above, otherwise go to iTunes to download it and give it a listen.