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Three things we learned from Leeds United’s defeat in the League Cup to Preston

Leeds crashed out of the Carabao Cup at home this week

Leeds United v Middlesbrough - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Paul Thomas/Getty Images

Here are three things we learned about Leeds crashing out of the League Cup to Preston on Tuesday.

1. Leeds are not invincible

So Leeds United aren’t going to go undefeated in all competitions. No big deal.

Leeds laid an egg against Preston on Tuesday, and maybe that will get a stinker out of the teams’s system before the match against Middlesbrough tonight. While there have been a couple significant additions to the squad, notably Barry Douglas at left back, these are the same players that limped to a mediocre finish last year. Marcelo Bielsa’s coaching has revolutionized this team, but this team hasn’t suddenly been replaced by the Arsenal team of 2002-03.

2. The League Cup is still meaningless

From Wikipedia
Winners of the League Cup since 2008

Since 2008, only two non “top six” sides have won the League Cup, and one them, Birmingham City, was even relegated the year they won. League Cup success is meaningless when it comes to determining if a team is going to be promoted.

League Cup exists of Promoted Teams

2018 Cardiff Out 2nd Round
2018 Cardiff Out 2nd Round
2018 Fulham Out 2nd Round
2018 Wolverhampton Out 4th Round
2017 Newcastle Out 5th Round
2017 Brighton Out 3rd Round
2017 Huddersfield Town Out 1st Round
2016 Burnley Out 1st Round
2016 Middlesbrough Out 5th Round
2016 Hull City Out 5th Round
2015 Bournemouth Out 5th Round
2015 Watford Out 2nd Round
2015 Norwich City Out 3rd Round*
2014 Leicester City Out 5th Round
2014 Burnley Out 4th Round
2014 QPR Out 2nd Round
2013 Cardiff Out 1st Round
2013 Hull City Out 2nd Round
2013 Crystal Palace Out 2nd Round
2012 Reading Out 1st Round
2012 QPR Out 5th Round
2012 West Ham United Out 1st Round
* In 2015, the 3rd round was Norwich City’s 2nd match in the competition

Looking at the past seven years of teams promoted from the Championship to the Premier League, no trend develops when it comes to what round the team has gone out and how they’ve done in the Championship.

In fact the result that has been most common is going out in the second match played in the competition, just like Leeds did this year.

3. The EFL needs to get it’s stuff together. It’s 2018, we should be able to watch every game on TV or online

Right now, in the United States, you can stream matches from the Chinese Super League on ESPN+, but you can’t view almost all of the early round League Cup matches anywhere but the ground, as even the EFL teams with the ability to stream live league matches can’t show them to customers abroad.

Of course in England, the fear is that if the matches are shown live, that it will impact the attendance of the matches, and that the grounds will be empty.

The argument against showing all of the matches is that it would hurt attendance doesn’t hold much weight when the grounds are already pretty much empty.

The clubs put out their second or third teams, and don’t seem to care that much about the result. No one is showing up at the grounds anyway, and it doesn’t seem like the lack of TV coverage is keeping fans coming to the grounds. Might as well make them available to stream or watch online at least.