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Leeds Against The World: Q&A with Norwich City blogger Gary Gowers ahead of tomorrow’s clash

Gowers from was kind enough our questions about the match

Norwich City v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Thanks to Gary Gowers of Norwich City blog for answering a few questions before tomorrow’s clash between Leeds United and Norwich.

Check out their blog for anything Norwich related.

Let’s start with the obvious one. What’s up with the pink dressing room?

Gary Gowers: Something over nothing really mate... is one of these minor gains that has been used for years in the NFL etc. I don’t have a particular problem with it but neither am I a big believer. What didn’t need to happen was for Stuart Webber (our sporting director) to blurt it out at a fans forum. As well as making us look a tiny bit daft, the fact every opponent knows about it kind of negates its effect! A storm in a pink teacup.

How was the summer’s transfer business at Norwich?

GG: Time will tell. We brought in quite a few new faces - more than we expected - mainly off the back of selling Josh Murphy to Cardiff. The money from the sale of James Maddison was used to fill a large financial black hole. We’re now shopping in Lidl’s rather than Waitrose but we’re reasonably happy with what we’ve seen from some players you’ll have never heard of (apart from Jordan Rhodes). Our new Finnish striker/attacking midfielder, Teemi Pukki, has certainly started well.

How is the second year of Daniel Farke going, and how much did he need the win against Preston?

GG: A slow start - one point from nine, despite playing quite well in each of the first three games, had the anal sphincter twitching but then we go and stink the place out and beat Preston 2-0. Make of that what you will. In answer to your question... we *desperately* needed it. Only time will tell if it was a bit of light relief from more tedium or a kick-start to this campaign.

What are your expectations for Norwich this season?

GG: I don’t think we have enough in the tank to make top six if I’m being honest, but I would like a top half finish which would be an improvement on last season. We’re ‘in transition’ although none of us are quite sure what we’re transforming into. So, top half and I’d be happy and to be honest and I think this group are quite capable of that.

Predict the score.

GG: Given your flying start to the season, it’s tricky to see us winning - especially with this energetic, high press you deploy. Can see us having trouble getting out at times, but with my heart ruling my head I’m heading for a 1-1.