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Hey You! Yes You! Through It All Together is looking for contributors

Want to write about Leeds United or football in general? Then we want to speak with you.

Hackers Compete Their Skills At Seccon Cyber Security Contest Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

Do you like to write about football or want to start writing about football and are a Leeds United fan? Then we’re interested in you. We here at Through It All Together are looking for contributors who want to write about Leeds United or football in general.

Why write for Through It All Together?

Through It All Together is one of the top English football blogs in the SBNation network. You will get to write for one of the top Leeds United blogs (us), with access to one of the biggest blogger networks in the world (SB Nation).

You also get to write about something you love (football and Leeds United) and thousands of people from all over the world will see your work on a daily basis and experience at SBNation can be a great resume builder.

If you’re a student at university and wish to peek behind the curtain at how covering a team works, writing for a SBNation site is a great way to gain experience getting credentials and getting a chance to cover things like press conferences and doing interviews.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to write for us, just a fan of football will do. We are especially interested in people who want to cover the Leeds United Ladies football team, people who can write longer form articles about topics such as the atmosphere at Elland Road or why being a Leeds fan is special. We would also be interested in having someone cover Guiseley AFC or any other local non-League teams.

If you’d rather cover transfer rumours or the latest breaking news, we also have plenty of room for that kind of coverage as well.

Our editors will be able to correct small errors in spelling and punctuation, but we won’t be very happy with you if we have to change “there” to “they’re” on a regular basis.

If you are interested, email the site at and include examples of your previous work or experience with any kind of writing.