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Vieira To Cardiff? No Chance Colin!

No new signings is forgivable, selling our best youngster to Cardiff is not.

Of all the transfer rumours this summer, very few will have upset Leeds United fans as much as this one.

Ronaldo Vieira has often been described as the “jewel in the crown” of the Leeds United academy. Following in the footsteps of the likes of James Milner, Lewis Cook and Fabian Delph, Vieira is seen by many as the man to lead Leeds United back in to the promised land.

Vieira has everything you would want from a midfielder. A great engine, loves a tackle, a wide range of passing and the ability to pop up with a goal or two.

To lose a player with both the quality and the potential of Ronaldo Vieira would be a real kick in the teeth to Leeds fans who thought a new dawn was on the horizon with the appointment of Marcelo Bielsa. It was hoped the new manager would take Vieira to the next level and in turn take Leeds back to the Premier League. A midfield of Vieira, Forshaw and Baker would be a strong base to start from.

On top of this, to sell a player like Vieira to Cardiff City and Neil Warnock would rub extra salt into the wound. It would be fair to say that Leeds and Cardiff haven’t always been the best of friends and this transfer rumour does nothing to change that.

The good news for Leeds fans is that Vieira signed a new four year contract in May 2017 so it is unlikely that £8 million would be anywhere near enough to tempt Leeds into selling. But just the fact that this rumour is out there is enough to make Leeds fans nervous. Here’s hoping there’s nothing in it!