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Union Berlin defender Kristian Pedersen apparently nearing move to England, could it be to Leeds?

Reports out of Germany suggest that Pedersen is on his way to England with a replacement for him being recalled from a loan

Security High Around FC Union Football Match Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Another day, another transfer link. This one might have some legs after all, with the club of the Leeds United linked player making plans to replace him in the lineup.

FC Union Berlin defender Kristian Pedersen has been linked to Leeds and a move to England for some time now. The former Denmark U21 international was linked earlier this month with a move to Leeds in the German press, and it seems that he’s back in the news with reports that the club is looking to replace him in the lineup with a player that has been out on loan.

Union Berlin is reportedly looking to replace him with Christopher Lenz, who is currently at Holstein Kiel, according to German publication BZ.

Does this mean that Pedersen is on his way to Leeds?

Could be. Despite the promise of Tom Pearce, Leeds do need a quality left back after previous transfer Laurens De Bock had a terrible time at the club after his move to Leeds during the January transfer window. Despite a good reputation and Champions League experience, the Belgian international seemed overwhelmed by a move to the Championship. It all seemed to come to a head in the match at Derby County, where De Bock had a miserable performance and was sent to the bench, never to return to the pitch.

Will Pedersen suffer a similar fate? At this point, it’s impossible to tell, He’s got good reputation at least, but so did the last few players that Leeds brought in to replace the departed Charlie Taylor.

Tom Pearce should get first crack at the left back position, or at least be considered for a wing-back or winger position, as he’s been a great going forward and even scored a fantastic goal against Barnsley FC late in the season.

We’ll see if this rumour pans out or not.