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Morning Leeds-in for 2 May: Mbakogu is still somehow linked with Leeds

Plus links for the day

Carpi FC v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Oh for crying out loud.

No. Just no.

This isn’t meant as a hot take or anything, or even a criticism of Jerry Mbakogu, but can Leeds please not be linked with another dodgy overseas striker? If we learned ANYTHING this season, it’s that you need a quality, proven striker to compete at this level. And instead of shelling out £8m on a proven striker, the club appears to once again take a scattershot approach to buying the most important position for Championship clubs looking for promotion. Will you have to over-pay for a striker? Absolutely. But what’s the alternative? What happened this season was not acceptable. Should have turned the £15 million from Chris Wood and spent it on another striker, not four “potential” signings and hoped for the best.

On to the links

Leeds United Links

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England and English Football Links

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World Football Links

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