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Mighty Whites Podcast Episode 21 is now available

Come listen to Jack, Connie, and KC talk about Leeds United.

Latest Mighty Whites Podcast is now available!

The internet’s best Leeds United podcast is back with a brand new episode. Connie is back, and he joins Jack and KC as three of them talk everything Leeds United in the latest episode. And with the podcast back up to full strength, the ever-popular quiz section comes back.

Give the latest podcast a listen. Right now the Soundcloud link is embedded below. If that’s not your thing, it’s also available via Stitcher or iTunes, or simply go to to get the latest episode.

Episode 21 of the podcast looks at our terrible defeat against Sheffield Wednesday, and previews the fixtures against Bolton Wanderers, Fulham, and Sunderland. We look at all the news from the past week or so and the quiz returns with an international players special, KC v Connie.

As usual, contact us on Twitter @ThruItAllLUFC or @MightyWhitesPod or stop by our Facebook page and drop us a note, or comment below.