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Morning Leeds-in for 18 March: The loss to Sheffield Wednesday, illustrated by xG

Plus links for the day

Leeds United V Sheffield Wednesday  - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Want a stat that tells you all about just how bad the finishing AND the defence was for Leeds United against Sheffield Wednesday yesterday?

Well, turns out the xG (Expected Goals) ranking from yesterday in the Championship tells you all you need to know.

Now, even if you don’t put a lot of faith in the xG stat, it does do a decent job of showing which team created the most chances, and teams that score above the “xG” are generally “lucky” or have a very good finisher and teams that score below the xG are unlucky or have poor finishing.

So what does the chart above tell us? Leeds should have scored at least two goals, but only scored one. Unlucky? Maybe, but in this case, it was because Caleb Ekuban can’t shoot. Like at all.

And what does the xG for Sheffield Wednesday tell you? That the Leeds defence did a poor job and allowed a some great chances. Wednesday converted their chances, and Leeds did not. That’s all you need to know about the match, other than that Leeds dominated possession and Ekuban is bad at scoring, which is a shame because he’s a striker.

On to the links.

Leeds United Links

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England and English Football Links

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World Football Links

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