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Match Report: Garforth Town 4 - 3 Albion Sport

The Miners hold on for a good win

FBL-FRIENDLY-RUS-ARG Photo credit should read MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images

Garforth Town came into this game having not played the previous week and so were desperate to hit the ground running. The game started with a bizarre incident in which the Albion keeper picked up a pass from his own player but the referee failed to flag it and the game continued. But Garforth started brilliantly and their first goal came courtesy of Mark Simpson who has been outstanding so far this season for Garforth. The pressure from Garforth took its toll on Albion and the second was scored thanks to Jack Lazenby who headed home a cross from Mitch Hamilton. Garforth were in control of the game and it was hampered slightly by an injury to Dan Coupland. He was replaced by Josh Dacre.

Half-time came with the Miners taking a very much deserved 2-0 lead into the break and they were full of confidence.

The referee blew the whistle for the second half but it didn’t start particularly great for Garforth as Albion managed to get a goal back to cut the deficit to 2-1. But this wasn’t to deter Garforth as they kept the momentum they had in the first half up and Sean Hunter when through one on one missed a glorious chance to make it 3-1. But this was to be the case minutes later when Simpson was brought down for a penalty. He tucked the ball home and Garforth were really full of confidence.

A penalty to Albion again cut the deficit at 3-2 and the game was becoming more and open as the clock ticked down. But a hat-trick for Simpson was confirmed when he put the ball past the Albion keeper. The game was really stretched and tense and Albion made sure it was going to go right down to the wire when they scored to make it 4-3.

5 minutes were added on but Garforth Town held on to secure the victory! A game that could have gone either way but was entertaining right to the end.

Editor’s Note: Big thanks to Maz Brown (@LeedsUNITEDMaz) for the Match Report on Garforth Town, local Non-League side. Garforth Town also hosts Leeds United Ladies FC matches, and in an effort to support local Non-League football, we’ll be featuring match reports and news on Garford Town. All Leeds Aren’t We!