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Think you can make a better badge than LUFC? We want your submissions!

Leeds United v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

If there’s over 715,000+ people living in Leeds and yet you 1) put only six months of research and 2) “consult” enough people that it would make up 1.4% of the entire population, it’s not gonna look good. Today, Leeds United became a laughing stock on social media, as the club announced a new badge that looks like the PES version of (MLS side) Columbus Crew’s old logo. It backfired, lets put it that way.

You can make a better badge than that, right? Prove it! We here at Thru It All Together want YOUR submission! Until the end of the month, January 31st, tweet us your submissions! We’ll poll the top 4, winner gets the satisfaction of winning and a shoutout post dedicated to them! It could be done on photoshop, it could be drawn with crayons. Either way, we want your ideas!

Speaking of, here are some ideas seen today for you to gather inspiration from