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Leeds United’s Angus Kinnear: “We need to reopen the process”

Leeds Manging Director Kinnear was speaking on BBC Leeds about the rebrand

Burnley v Leeds United - Carabao Cup Third Round

There might be hope after all.

Angus Kinnear went on BBC Radio Leeds this evening to talk with Adam Pope about the new Leeds United badge and what the fans think about it. “Not the easiest day in the office” is a mild way of putting it, as I’m sure fans are expressing their displeasure with the new badge and how the club went about “researching” and developing the new badge. And well, if he’s having a bad day at the office, well, maybe they should have made a better designed new badge, right?

The “right-wing” elements to the new badge may not be obvious to those in Leeds or Leeds fans, as we’re all aware of the Leeds salute, but to those outside of Yorkshire, it certainly looks jarring. And while sports aren’t supposed to be “political,” try telling that to fans of Rangers FC or Celtic FC that political identity isn’t wrapped up in football. It’s a bad look to put something that can be easily mistaken, especially in this political climate.

As we’ve said before, fans have produced better badges with only a few hours of their spare time, and for the club to release this monstrosity shows just how badly they got it wrong. Additionally, while I’m sure the business side of the club is separate from the football side, it is worth mentioning that this distraction is not great when the club has lost three out of its last five matches.

So, will the club rebrand the rebrand? Kinnear alluded to the club taking a look at the possibility, given that the response has been so negative. Hopefully Andrea Radrizzani, who has been a pretty good owner up to this point, will listen to the outcry of the fans and change the new badge. It’s the least he can do at this point.