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Maybe Leeds United will listen to the fans and change the badge?

Let a Leeds fan redesign the rebrand please

Leeds United v Barnsley - Sky Bet Championship - Elland Road

So, is there hope about the new badge?

Everyone hates the Leeds United rebrand. Well, almost everyone.

As of this writing, an online petition has already gathered over 25,000 signatures asking the club to reconsider.

So will they?

Fans have pretty much universally expressed outrage, shock, horror, etc., to this new badge. It’s bad.

After this much negative reaction by the fans, the club would have to change its mind, right? I haven’t seen Leeds fans this united on Twitter on almost anything, not even the sale of the club from Massimo Cellino to Andrea Radrizzani. Almost everyone dislikes the “rebrand” and so maybe, just maybe, the club will back down from this shit?

Everton redesigned their badge after fans complained, and in the United States, the San Francisco 49ers changed their logo after fans complained. Teams “rebrand” in the US all the time, so you think one of those teams could lend some, ahem, advice to Leeds on how to handle this change.

It think the club will backtrack and change the badge and rebranding, because I don’t see how they can’t at this point. The outrage has been quite loud.

And honestly, I hope if they do change it that they go with a design from @Ellandread.

His designs are great, and he does the kits/badge resdesigns as a hobby. It would be nice to give a fan, rather than a marketing firm from London or wherever they hired the idiots who designed that piece of crap that they just unveiled, a chance to design the new crest. Someone who understand the history of the club and the history of Yorkshire, not just some grads just out of university who are focused on “branding” or “identity” or whatever criteria they used to come up with what they’ve done. Let Leeds people redesign the rebrand.