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Morning Leeds-in for 1/1/18: Happy New Years!

Links to some of the best stuff we wrote last year

Sydney Celebrates New Year's Eve 2017 Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Rather than another nine links about Leeds United, England, English football & world football, I thought I’d feature some of the best stuff we wrote here at Through It All Together last year, and thank everyone who took the time to read it.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read anything we wrote, and thanks to everyone who wrote something for us. It’s been a great year for the blog, and more importantly, for the club as well.

Anyway, this year was a pretty great year to be a Leeds fan, and most of the good things that happened to the club had nothing to do with the activity on the pitch. Thanks to Andrea Radrizzani, the club is being run like a proper football club again. I took a look at everything good that happened off the pitch for Leeds this year. I also gave the reason that I thought that Radrizzani was an owner that Leeds fans deserved. The Leeds Ladies coming back into the family was more than just a feel-good story, and the club finally bought Elland Road back.

Jack Robshaw has done a brilliant job of doing player ratings this season after every match. He did midseason grades for the team as well. Part One, the GK/DEF. Part Two, the MID/FWD.

Christian Lawley did a number of articles looking back at the summers past at Leeds, and how things looked after the previous season, and how those dreams usually didn’t come true. Anyway, his article on what away fan’s don’t understand about the atmosphere at Elland Road was one of the best things we posted last year. He also touched on why selling Chris Wood, instead of having a daft, prolonged contract dispute was one of the best takes among all of the panic that happened when Wood left for Burnley.

Mike Stehlik was our rumour guru this past summer, keeping track of all of the players linked to the club. I remember him telling me about a link to some Chievo Verona player who’d been playing in Albania, and me telling him that it sounded like a bunch of crap. Well, after Caleb Ekuban’s transfer came through, I learned never to dismiss any rumour that comes out of the woodwork, or anything he told me about. Anyway, his profile on Paudie O’Connor was great, as he published it days before the first preseason match and before everyone was googling him and asking Phil Hay on Twitter who this O’Connor guy was. He also wrote something pretty good on why Jay Roy Grot shouldn’t be playing right now, and why that’s okay.

Nestor Watach remembered just how awful the Neil Warnock era was at Leeds.

And finally, one of the most important things that we featured was a story from Pete Allison from Marching On Together on the importance of the Rainbow Laces campaign.

We had lots of great stuff this past year, and are looking forward to an even better 2018. Again, thanks to everyone!