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Morning Leeds-in for 13 September 2017: Leeds United are top of the table

The club kept another clean sheet, and haven’t allowed a goal in over 560 minutes.

Despite Price Rises The British Love Of A Cup Of Tea Endures Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Leeds win and go to of the table while keeping yet another clean sheet.

The club kept yet another clean sheet in the win over Birmingham City, extending the Championship clean sheet streak to six matches. It’s a remarkable stat, even more so when you consider the number of injuries and new players in the side. Last night’s win was much uglier than the match against Burton over the weekend, but keeping a clean sheet and getting a win was as impressive as the brilliant dominating win last Saturday.

Anyway, on to the links.

Leeds United Links

Leeds United go top of the table after defeating Birmingham City and Cardiff City’s loss to Preston North End. [Yorkshire Evening Post]

We recapped the match. [Through It All Together]

Leeds United Ladies lost to Liverpool Marshall Feds WFC over the weekend. [Leeds]

England and English football Links

England are worried their players and coaches will be hacked in Russia. I dunno guys, why would anyone want the playbook from this lot? []

Roy Hodgson named manager of Crystal Palace. []

Sad news. Barnsley FC owner Patrick Cryne is terminally ill and says he is on “borrowed time.” []

World Football Links

The USSF is failing football in the US by letting rogue leagues and divisions battle each other instead of creating a clear pyramid under its umbrella. []

Argentina will be playing Peru at home, and Peru don’t like the stadium that’s been picked for the match, and for good reason. Boca Junior fans are, um, aggressive in their enthusiasm for the home team, be it Boca or Argentina. []

Iranian women weren’t allowed in their last home match against Syria, but Syrian women were allowed in. Um, what? []