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Bolton v Leeds United Q & A with Lion of Vienna Suite

We talked with Chris Manning of LOV about the upcoming match against Bolton

Leeds United v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Daniel Smith/Getty Images

Big thanks to our friends at Lion of Vienna Suite, the SBNation Bolton Wanderers community, and Chris Manning for taking the time to chat with us before the start of the season. They will have our answers to their questions up over there tomorrow, so go over there and take a look before the Bolton v Leeds United match on Sunday.

1) How do Bolton fans feel about their chances back in the Championship this year?

Apprehensive. We are well aware that we have the lowest budget in the league and we are up against some big teams with big and expensive names. We are however, confident in the team and manager who both showed a resilience last season which has been missing from our play for a good five years.

Our manager is quiet and unassuming but he will not accept the sort of weakness and habitual failure that our squad showed last time we played in the Championship.

2) How has the club been dealing with the double secret transfer embargo that Bolton seems to be stuck with?

By pretty much sticking two fingers up at the league. We've had to let a few high earners go, including captain Jay Spearing, but all in all we have still recruited and recruited well.

Our chairman retains a slight air of menace which makes him hard to like but at the same time makes him a ruthless bastard to deal with and his bending of the embargo rules has shown a strength that has seen us bring players in against what seemed to be all odds.

We have been in the embargo for almost two years, and now we have a wage cap of £4500pw to deal with, it'll be a real test of his abilities given the dire need to improve the squad further than he has already.

3) Anyone in the Bolton team that Leeds fans should watch out for?

Not really - but I think Phil Parkinson might be the main one to watch. Like I said, he's very quiet and unassuming but beneath the surface lies someone who is really astute and has a great knack for organising a side. He's had to make chicken salad out of chicken shit in his time at Bolton and he deserves every credit for what he's done so far.

He isn't very experienced at Championship level but I think he can make a name for himself this season. I wasn't surprised to see his agent try and get his name in the frame for the Leeds job when it came available and should the likes of Ipswich or Norwich do what I expect and struggle I could see a team of that calibrate coming in for him and turning his head.

4) Will Parkinson be in trouble if the team struggles early on, or will the automatic promotion last year buy him plenty of time?

Definitely the latter, despite a vocal element on social media who, let's say, aren't the most patient.

He's also probably fortunate to be at one of the only clubs around who couldn't sack their manager if they wanted to - we're too skint!

5) Predict the score.

It's on telly in front of the world so I reckon a tedious 0-0.