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Morning Leeds-in for 29 August 2017: O’Kane out of the Ireland squad & more links

LULFC’s attendance numbers impressive in context as well

Despite Price Rises The British Love Of A Cup Of Tea Endures Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Leeds United Ladies drew a crowd of 830 to the free match Sunday at Elland Road, which doesn’t sound like a lot until you look at what the other teams in the divisions had for their attendance. Not gonna lie, when I first heard the attendance numbers for the match at Elland Road I was a tad disappointed. After all, only 830 people showed up to a free match? But then I saw this tweet and it made me proud to keep supporting Leeds United Ladies and covering them. Please, up the support of the Ladies team. Women’s football is the future, and the return of of the Ladies team is more than just a feel-good story.

Anyway, thought I’d share these figures with everyone, just to let everyone know how much their support of LULFC matters. All Leeds Aren’t We.

Leeds United Links

Eunan O’Kane has withdrawn from the Republic of Ireland squad with a groin problem. [Yorkshire Evening Post]

O’Kane is happy to remain in the shadows while the new stars lap up the attention. [Yorkshire Evening Post]

England and English football Links

Ian Wright thinks that Wenger should leave Arsenal. []

Millwall chairman thinks that the team isn’t out of the woods yet regarding the use of CPOs to sell land near their stadium that would force them to move. []

West Ham United manager Slavin Bilic is going to remain at the helm of the East London club, at least for now. [Sky Sports]

World Football Links

Hanover fans are upset with their owner, even though the team is better than ever. [The Guardian]

Aberdeen footballer Gary Mckay-Steven pulled out of the the River Kelvin in Glasgow. []

Craig Levein, currently the Director of Football for Hearts, is back as manager. He managed the club from 2000-04. []

Five things from the weekend in La Liga [Sky]