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Carabao Cup Draw: Leeds to Face Burnley


You couldn’t write a better script than this. Before tonight, the most anticipated game this season for Leeds fans was arguably the first game against Middlesbrough, thanks to Garry Monk. The Carabao Cup draw just changed that

After a very long delay thanks to Newcastle and Nottingham Forrest, the cup draw in Beijing could finally take place. And would you believe it, Leeds drew the relegation candidate, the new home of Charlie Taylor and Chris Wood, Burnley. And with it being a cup match, don’t be surprised if the Clarets throw out the two snakes to play against their former club. Unless they “decide to not play” or something. This reeks of some back alley fixing if you ask me. Either way, the match is scheduled for sometime during the week of September 18th.

Mark your calendars for the Snake Derby. MOT