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Morning Leeds-in for 23 August 2017

Read some links while nursing your hangover from another midweek match

Despite Price Rises The British Love Of A Cup Of Tea Endures Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

On a night where the team started off slow in a League Cup match (sound familiar) but pulled out a famous victory, it might be understood that you didn’t get a chance to read all about the match or much of anything else, so while you try and hydrate this morning and get some tea, read these links.

Leeds United Links

Thomas Christiansen was excited by Roofe’s performance against Newport County. So were we, TC, so were we. [Yorkshire Evening Post]

Seriously, the Leeds United Ladies are letting people in for free on Sunday. Go watch them! [Through It All Together]

Christiansen had “strong words” for the club at half-time. Must have worked, boss. [The Yorkshire Post]

England and English football Links

I’ve been including some of the stories from or friends at Lion of Vienna Suite has had regarding their current ownership group and the financial shenanigans that have been taking place. So it’s no surprise that the Court has wound up Dean Holdsworth’s SS BWFC and liquidated his 37.5% stake in the club. [The Bolton News]

This is funny. The same Manchester City fans, that five years ago got mad at Wayne Rooney when he celebrated a goal for Manchester United, got mad at him and reacted the same way when he scored against City for Everton. [SB Nation]

World Football Links

Fiorentina is set to play Real Madrid for the first time since 1957, when the two teams played for the European Cup [Viola Nation]

Make like Elsa and Let It Go, Barcelona. They’re currently suing Neymar, in a bid to further alienate their players and fans and prevent anyone else from ever wanting to play for them again. [SB Nation]

NYCFC has to move a home game because of a conflict with their landlord, baseball’s New York Yankees. So where are they holding the game? Two hours and 117 miles away in Hartford, Connecticut, of course. For those of you Brits who don’t know US geography, Hartford is closer to Boston then it is to New York City, and the New England Revolution, the MLS team for the Greater Boston area, is closer by a half-hour and at least 20 miles to where NYC FC is going to be playing. It would be like Hull City having a conflict at their stadium and playing a match in Nottingham instead. [Hudson River Blue]

FiveThirtyEight has attempted to “rank” all the teams in world football, and the list is crap. []