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Morning Leeds-in for 22 August 2017

Fancy a Carabao? How about a Carabao Cup match?

Despite Price Rises The British Love Of A Cup Of Tea Endures Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

As you prepare for a night of Leeds football and bring your kid for a quid to Elland Road, read a couple links.

Leeds United Links

If you’re going to the match today and need to buy/collect your tickets, please show up early [Leeds]

Kemar Roofe visited some kids as at a Soccer School [Leeds]

You can exchange you Chris Wood replica shirt for a blank shirt at the club shop. [Leeds]

England and English football Links

Bolton Wanderers owners are battling some winding-up orders in court. I’m not a fan of the club, but man, none of this is good at all. I think Leeds fans should be able to sympathize with Bolton fans about terrible owners. [Lion of Vienna Suite]

West Ham United blog The H List had as good a takedown of the current owners and manager as you’ll ever read from football bloggers. [The H List]

This is disgusting and criminal. Female Grimsby Town fans were forced to “show bras” to Stevenage security personnel and other invasive searches. []

World Football Links

Yahoo! Sports ranked the North American Stadiums on the likelihood of hosting a World Cup match if US wins the 2026 World Cup bid [Yahoo! Sports]

Borussia Dortmund thinks that they are sending a signal to all other Bundesliga clubs in regards to the holdout of Ousmane Dembele. Of course, if they wanted to sign a player and he was holding out at another club, I bet the CEO’s tune might be a bit different. []

Barcelona beat Real Betis over the weekend, but that’s not really the story. Instead of their names, every player had “Barcelona” on the backs of their shirts in a show of solidarity with the city and the victims of terrorism. []