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Morning Leeds-in for 20 Aug 2017

We’re a day away from monday :(


For Club

-So…yea. Chris Wood won’t be amongst us much longer []

-Nevertheless, Leeds balled tf out without the Kiwi [Through All It Together]

-Thomas Christiansen’s answer to Chris Wood leaving is legendary. You should have a listen [@lufcfanstv]

-Leeds United’s academy u16s team made the Galway Cup Final []

-Leeds United Ladies first team and reserve squad have games today [Through It All Together]

For Country

-Steven Gerrard had some choice things to say about Arsenal. [Daily Mail]

-For you gamers, David Beckham is in PES 2018 [Konami]

-Stoke City beat Arsenal behind Jese’s goal. Yep, you read that right. [Bleacher Report]