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Leeds endorse LGBT+ supporters group

The club has offered full support to the fan started initiative.

London Supports Gay Pride 2017 Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

Leeds United have become the latest club to endorse an LGBT+ supporters group. The group has been started by two Leeds fans and should be fully up and running soon.

Two fans, Andrew Tilly and Andrew Harrison, went to the club at the end of last season with the idea and the club were happy to jump on board with the idea.

Tilly said on the Leeds website: “As proud gay Leeds United supporters we are excited to be working with the club we love to establish a new group that will welcome fellow LGBT+ fans and their friends.

“We are delighted with the level of support we have received for this initiative from both the club and owner and it will be great to see Leeds United join the more than 30 teams with established LGBT+ fan groups around the country.”

The reaction of Leeds fans has been overwhelmingly positive (I am not pretending there aren’t people being trolls, I am choosing not to publicise them), with the vast majority of fans looking at this as a positive step for the club and football in general. The only criticisms some have is that they don’t see why it is needed as the existing trust doesn’t discriminate. This is explained better than I could by the tweets below.

This is definitely a positive step for Leeds United and catches the club up with several other teams who have made strides with LGBT+ relations and football. There are many existing LGBT+ supporters groups, a list of which are available here:

The announcement is well timed with Leeds Pride happening this Sunday and I am sure this will be publicised heavily in the run up towards that.

The new group will be part of the Supporter Advisory Group which will launch in September, anyone wanting more information or to get involved should email