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This is not a good sign: Leeds United offer Chris Wood new deal

Nobody panic, okay? NOBODY PANIC!

Birmingham City v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

I really hope this is the end of this talk.

I’ve said before that Chris Wood is worth more to Leeds than whatever Leeds United gets for him in the transfer market, even if the amount is crazy. Leeds simply cannot replace a 30 goal striker at this point in the transfer window, even if Burnley or any other Premier League club throws stupid money at Leeds.

The rumors surrounding Wood and the inevitable panic spending by Premier League clubs at the close of the summer transfer window will test the resolve of the club, Victor Orta, and Chris Wood himself. To be blunt, he could very well go to a club like Burnley or Newcastle or Brighton & Hove Albion and be right back in the Championship next season or be sold on after an unsuccessful Premier League campaign.

It is worth noting that Chris Wood’s single season in the Premier League was not a happy time for the striker. He made seven PL appearances, scoring one goal, for Leicester City as the Foxes staved off relegation the season before Leicester shocked the world and won the league the year after he left. And while Wood had a remarkable, glorious season last year for Leeds, he might struggle to score in the Premier League once again, meaning that whatever Premier League team is currently chasing him might be extremely disappointed.

I will never begrudge a player seeking a bigger payday, as the amount of loyalty that football clubs show to their players is shockingly poor, but I would like to think that Wood would have some sense of loyalty to Leeds. He captained his national team, New Zealand, in the Confederations Cup this summer and there is no way he gets all of the attention and love from his country if he is stuck on the bench at Burnley or Brighton.

Leeds have been proactive in offering contracts, and here’s hoping that’s all this is. Being proactive. Because if it isn’t, and Wood wants out, Leeds will struggle to score all season and a promotion might not be on the cards.