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Why Chris Wood is worth more to Leeds United than you think

Selling your best players prevents promotion

Leeds United V Sheffield Wednesday  - Sky Bet Championship

Amid more talk about Chris Wood and the idea that Leeds is blocking a “dream move” to Burnley, let’s get something perfectly clear.

Don’t get it twisted. Chris Wood is worth more than whatever transfer fee that Leeds United can get for him. Full stop.

If you look at teams that get promoted from the Championship to the Premier League, those teams rarely, if ever, sell their best players the in the summer transfer window days before it closes. This year, Middlesbrough is adding players left and right and spending tons of money. Both Brighton & Hove Albion and Newcastle United last year didn’t panic sell their best players two weeks before the window closed, and while Newcastle did clear some of their players out, they still retained a core that they thought would help them go right back up.

Selling Chris Wood for obnoxious amounts of money, “selling high” as thinking goes would been something to do early in the summer so that the club could figure out a way to invest the money in new striking options. Given the price that English and England-based players are going for it there is almost no way to replace Wood with a proven Championship player.

Put it this way, and this is not meant as disrespect, but would you rather have Chris Wood or £15 million and Preston’s Jordan Hugill?

If Chris Wood wants out, then fine, he might need to go. But a “dream move” to Burnley? Yeah, no. Chris Wood might want to play in the Premier League, but he has a better chance of staying there with Leeds than he does going to Burnley and joining turncoat snake Charlie Taylor.

And to repeat a point I made in an article yesterday about Leeds knocking back a second bid from Burnley for Wood, it’s not just the £20 million fee or whatever Wood would be worth. If Leeds are to get promoted, they need a goal scoring forward to get the team there. This team isn’t built to Stam-ball their way to nil-nil draws and 1-0 wins to the playoffs, this Leeds team is built to attack. Losing a striker means losing out on a chance at promotion.

If Southampton, an extremely average Premier League club is valued on the open market for £262 million, then Leeds would potentially be worth just as much, if not more. Southampton just sold 80% of the stake in the club for £210 million, meaning that the market value of the club is £262 million. When looking at the potential value of Leeds United, taking into account the size of the metropolitan area Leeds United is in (Leeds-Bradford area is the 4th biggest in England), the amount of revenue that comes from non-TV sources (where Leeds is one of the highest outside of the Premier League) and other “branding” and/or commercial activity.

If Leeds is worth £300 million in the Premier League, and Leeds have a 35% chance of promotion with Chris Wood and a 5% chance without Chris Wood, then Chris Wood is worth £90 million to the club.

So get out of here with “sell high” on Wood talk. Unless, as TC said, someone offers Neymar money, he’s not for sale.