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Samu Saiz cleared in spitting claim

FA clears bogus charge

Leeds United v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Daniel Smith/Getty Images

Samu Saiz was cleared by the FA and will not be charged over the “spitting claim” by Michael Brown during the Leeds United match against Port Vale.

As we said before, this whole thing is absolute bollocks.

Absolute bollocks.

There seemed to be no reaction at all from Joe Davis during the time of the alleged “incident”.

To put this in perspective.

When I lived in Pittsburgh, one of my co-workers told a story about a Pittsburgh Port Authority Bus Driver who got spit on by a rider and the reaction that occurred.

A person got on the bus, and argued about the fare with the driver. The discussion got heated, and after swearing and insulting the driver, the “rider” spit on the driver and ran from the bus.

The driver then chased the rider down and beat him down in the parking lot. The driver was arrested and charged with assault, which he plead out and didn’t do any time in jail, but this is an example of what happens when people get spit on. There is a reaction.

Not only did the TV broadcast show no body fluids go flying in the air around the 40th minute, there was no reaction that would have occurred had any “spitting” had happened.

Michael Brown may or may not have just invented this story, but basically, this is a manager tactic to draw attention away from the absolute thrashing that Port Vale got from Leeds. Far easier to accuse the other team of dirty tactics or not playing football or accuse players of spitting or being dirty than it is to answer questions as to why Leeds bossed his team around for the last 30 minutes.

While we all knew this claim was dumb, it’s nice to see that the FA has seen the light. MOT