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How did LUTV do on its competitive debut?

Overseas streaming service had its own regular season debut today

2013 World Solar Challenge: Day 4 Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Today wasn’t just the home league debut of Christiansen and the new boys at the club, it was also the debut of regular season LUTV, which meant that overseas fans (outside of the UK and Ireland) got the opportunity to watch Leeds United live using the new online streaming service.

The streaming had a rather spotty history during preseason. It was plagued with problems during the first match it was supposed to be used against Borussia Mönchengladbach and so the club was forced to broadcast the SD Eibar preseason match over Facebook because of the issues.

Leeds once again tried to broadcast a friendly using the streaming service, this time the final preseason match against Oxford United. And once again, fans had issues with streaming the match, despite charging £1.99 to fans to watch the match online.

Leeds United’s opening fixture against Bolton Wanderers was televised by Sky Sports, so LUTV didn’t have an opportunity to broadcast the game as the international rights holders had an opportunity to broadcast the game live via their own streaming services. In the United States, this meant that the game was broadcast via aka ESPN3.

The opening match of the Carabao Cup was another match that was unavailable to LUTV because of international rights holders, and again, US viewers got to view the club via ESPN3.

So the opening match of the season for LUTV was today’s home match against Preston North End, and for the princely sum of £5, fans from all over the world got the chance to view the club from their laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

The feed wasn’t in HD and it seemed to have issues, as more than half of the people who responded to the poll reported that it either had stopped a few times for them or it wasn’t working.

The camera work was quite poor, as more than a few times the cameras lost the ball.

Overall, needs work and wasn’t worth the £5, but it’s better than infecting your computer with malware or viruses and better than radio. 7/10, would do again. Growing pains for sure.