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Burnley tells a joke and submits a £12m bid for Wood

This “bid” is a joke and should be treated as such

Birmingham City v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Um, is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Burnley have reportedly submitted a bid for Chris Wood, reportedly for £12m.

Unless they mistyped the fax and meant to hit “23” instead of “12” this bit makes no sense. Either Burnley is having a laugh (likely) or someone in their board room is legitimately a candidate for being committed.

This bid is transfer garbage. The rumors are coming from good sources, so it’s not as if these rumors are being repeated in the dark corners of Twitter or Reddit. Phil Hay is the most dialed in of all Leeds United reporters, there’s a reason he has more Twitter followers than Huddersfield Town. He’s almost always right about these things.

Whatever Burnley are playing at, it’s certainly not to buy Chris Wood from Leeds United for £12 million. Are they trying to unsettle the big Kiwi? They just agreed a few with Leeds over Charlie Taylor’s transfer, and they just sold Andre Gray for £18.5m after receiving close to £100 million in TV money from the Premier League last year. If Burnley wanted to buy Wood, they’d make a legit bid, not a joke bid that does nothing but get terrible publicity and ridicule from pundits and fans alike.

The only way this makes sense is that the team is looking to report to their own fans that they are “trying” in the transfer market, but are just unsuccessful in their attempts at recruiting new talent. West Ham United fans are familiar with this sort of thing. David Sullivan is infamous for promising the world only to get a Simeone Zaza or Jonathan Calleri after being linked to Carlos Bacca or Alexandre Lacazette in the press for months. After all, West Ham “bid” £12 million for Neymar while he was still in Brazil, a bid that no one took seriously with Neymar’s release clause sitting at £28m at the time. Barcelona ended up paying over €50 million for Neymar, with reports saying that he ended up costing the Catalan club close to €100 million when everything was said and done.

No, Leeds aren’t going to sell Wood for £12 million. And no, Bunley isn’t serious about it either. Don’t get too excited.