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Why Leeds fans shouldn’t get too excited by Negredo rumours

The links with the striker keep coming but the numbers do not add up.

Middlesbrough v Arsenal - Premier League
Negredo scoring against Arsenal last season.
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Let me start this article by clarifying something, I am not saying Alvaro Negredo would’t be a good striker in the Championship. In fact, I think he would be a quality striker in this league.

Last season he scored 9 Premier League goals in Middlesbrough side that were really poor in an attacking sense so with the options available to Leeds in midfield I am sure he would get at least 20 league goals if he started every game (which he wouldn’t). Although not everyone agrees with me on this.

The fans being split on the idea I don’t think will matter in the end though, I cannot see it happening.

The reason I don’t think anyone should get excited are fivefold. Firstly, the rumoured transfer fee is £6.4m. Even with the money received for Charlie Taylor that sounds like a stretch for Leeds’ budget.

Secondly, Negredo is on around £100k a week at Valencia. I am sure he will be willing to take a pay-cut, but not down to the level of wages that Leeds could offer him. I am fairly sure there isn’t a Leeds player on a wage over £25k a week.

Thirdly, why would Negredo want to play in the 2nd tier of English football? He could comfortably get a Premier League club and if he is willing to move to Turkey there is a lot of talk he could get both the money he wants and play European football.

The fourth reason is Leeds’ formation. All the way through pre-season we have played with one central striker. That man is Chris Wood, and neither Wood nor Negredo will be willing to play second fiddle, especially with the money we would be paying Negredo.

Finally, and for me most importantly, Leeds United have excellent local journalists covering them, the most well-known being Phil Hay and Adam Pope and neither of them seem to think a deal is happening.

The only way this deal could even be possible is if we sold Chris Wood and, to be honest, of the two I would rather have Wood. He knows what it takes to play for Leeds, he had a great season last year, and he is only 25 years old. For me, it’s a no-brainer.

Do you think this deal will happen? Would he be the difference if I am wrong? Let me know in the comments. For more on this and other transfer rumours follow @mightywhitespod on twitter and listen to the podcast which will be out very soon.